Ticket Camera

Ticket Camera

The collections of tickets maps and leaflets that we keep after journeys are often more treasured as mnemonics than the  photographs that we take along the way. Ticket camera offers a way of using the significance if these collections to make the photographs that we take more meaningful.

The camera will only work if an expired ticket, or another paper artifact is inserted into the slot on the cameras side. Once the camera is turned on, a photograph can be taken, but in doing so a hole is punched into the ticket. Several photos can be taken taken, but soon the ticket wears out and can no longer be inserted in to the slot. In order to take more photos a new ticket must be purchased or a new memento gathered, meaning you must go somewhere else or see something new. As such the camera encourages you to explore and experience, rather than sticking to one spot.

Each photograph is now linked to a unique tangible mnemonic artifact, each with its own individual pattern of holes which can be used as a key for retrieving that set of photos. This pattern, and the amount of damage to the artifact also serves as a sort non-photographic experience barometer – the more damage, the more experiences seemed worthy of a photograph.

A more detailed account of this project can be found here.

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