Recent Projects

  • Typewriter in Residence

    Typewriter in Residence

    The Typewriter in Residence was developed in collaboration with B3 Media, Divya Ghelani and Vinay Tailor, for the Strike at Imperial Typewriter exhibition, at Newarke Houses Museum in Leicester. You […]

  • Open Food

    Open Food

    Open Food was an EPSRC funded research project focused on open innovation in food manufacture. It was conducted by a multidisciplinary consortium including the Royal College of Art, Imperial College, […]

  • Learning Energy Systems

    Learning Energy Systems

    Learning Energy Systems was a research project from the University of Edinburgh that used design-led research methods to explore possibilities for the development of energy systems that are better integrated […]

  • Timestreams


    Timestreams is a joint research and development project between the RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub, University of Nottingham,  and Active Ingredient. It explores the relationships between energy and climate […]

  • The Earthquake Shelf

    The Earthquake Shelf

    Experiential Manufacturing describes a design led investigation into uncovering the latent values that might exist in data that describes our experiences. By learning from the ways we engage with meaning […]

  • The Climate Machine

    The Climate Machine

    The Climate Machine was created in partnership with Active Ingredient as part of their project – A Conversation Between Trees. The circular sheets of paper placed on the machine rotate […]

  • Ideation Decks

    Ideation Decks

    Ideation Decks is a process method for design ideation. It involves the creation and use of bespoke project-specific card based systems which help to define constrained design problems within a […]

  • Camera Explora

    Camera Explora

    Inspired by the route maps that many of us keep after a journey, Camera Explora scales this practice from one that documents the places we visited, to one that plots […]

  • IBI


    I am a collaborator and co-founder of the Institute for Boundary Interactions (IBI), an interdisciplinary research collective that uses science, technology, art and design to explore the complex connections between people […]

  • Hidden Printers

    Hidden Printers

    The Hidden Printers are a series of cases that allow small photo printers to be easily hidden in places around the home. Once hidden they will print a photograph and […]

  • Digital Slide Viewer

    Digital Slide Viewer

    Digital Slide Viewer is a digital photographic memorial that draws upon the rich performances and rituals involved in the use of older analog technologies as a means of lending digital […]

  • Photobox


    Photo Box explores the value of combining the serendipity allowed by digital content with the material presence of physical artefact’s in order to recreate those small but valuable moments that […]

  • Ticket Camera

    Ticket Camera

    The collections of tickets maps and leaflets that we keep after journeys are often more treasured as mnemonics than the  photographs that we take along the way. Ticket camera offers […]

  • Reading Lamp

    Reading Lamp

    Reading lamp was a quick MA project designed to ask us to acknowledge those everyday technologies that we take for granted. In order to get enough light to read by […]