Food Friction: Embodied Recipes

In November last year, Paris Selinas and I were invited to host a talk and workshop at the Food Frictions Conference organised by Artez, and food designer Katja Gruijters..

Recipes, as instructions, and ways of sharing food knowledge, increasingly rely on visual senses. But in practice when cooking we rely on embodied knowledge that is hard to articulate or share. Our work highlights mundane expressions of this knowledge, and explores types of data that might better support to creative cooking.

To do this we worked with a group of attendees to explore how we could build recipes around favored cooking actions, as opposed to quantified recipes. Having thought of a pleasurable or emmorable cooking action, they then worked together in groups to assemble their chosen cooking actions into a recipe and paper dish.

Our workshop developed a paper cooking method derived from some work done during Open Food project at the RCA. The idea is to provide enough physicality to evoke memories and express embodied knowledge, while working in a sketch like way that allows us to focus on those particular aspects of cooking, and ignore less relevant concerns, like hygene, food handling, or doing the dishes.

Some photos of the session are posted below.

We have some plans for next steps, including a write-up, and to start developing some prototypes, including perhaps some sort of interface that allows you to build recipes by compiling gestures. More soon.

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