Hands-on AI Meetup: Smart City

I recently revisited some of the IBI work for a short presentation at V2 Lab for the Unstable Media’s Hands-on AI Meetup: Smart City.

It was a really interesting workshop looking at critical perspectives on the smart city. More information about the event is here: http://v2.nl/events/hands-on-ai-meetup-smart-city.

I presented IBI’s Urban Immune Systems Research, to discuss new relationships with place through devices that mediate how people interact with the ‘data layer’ of the city.

Roy Bendor (http://www.digitalsustainability.com/) presented How to trip over Data, his collaboration with Richard Vijgen, before leading us through an activity where we discussed how more diverse urban experiences might be captured or augmented through new forms of sensors and data, in order to give alternative perspectives on what ‘smart’ might mean, and for whom.

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