Thesis Title: Experiential Manufacturing: Designing Meaningful Relationships Between people, Data, and Things
Horizon CDT/Mixed Reality Lab
University of Nottingham
09.2009 – 09.2014

MA Design – Critical Practice
Goldsmiths College
09.2006 – 09.2007.

BA (hons) Three Dimensional Design
University of Portsmouth.
2002 – 2005.

Current Activity

  • Design Products. Royal College of Art, London
    Visiting Research Associate 06.04.2016 – present.
    I am working with Design Products on the EPSRC Funded project; Prototyping Open Innovation Models for ICT-Enabled Manufacturing in Food and Packaging. ‘Open Food’, for short, this project takes a design-led approach to exploring possibilities for open innovation in food manufacture.
  • Institute for Boundary Interactions
    Co-founder / Designer: 2010 – present
    The Institute for Boundary Interactions [IBI] is an interdisciplinary research collective that uses science, technology, art and design to explore the complex connections between people, places and things.
    For more information on our work and upcoming exhibitions, please visit:

Previous Experience

  • Connected Everyday Things. Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven.
    Squad Expert: 02.2016 – 06.2016
    I worked with the Connected Everyday Things squad in Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven. This involved coaching students, from 2nd year Undergraduate to Masters, through their design projects on the theme of connected everyday things, and working with other members of the team to devise studio learning activities.
  • Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh
    Post Doctoral Research Associate: 07.01.2014 – 30.12.2015
    Research Associate in the Centre for Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. Working on the Connected High Street research project, and previously on Learning Energy Systems, I brought a research through design approach to multidisciplinary research teams investigating opportunities for new value in complex social and cultural settings.
  • University of Nottingham, Horizon CDT
    Ph.D. (Pending): 09.2009 – 09.2013
    I was a Ph.D. candidate at Nottingham University’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub, and Mixed Reality Lab where I conducted design lead research into how data about our experiences might be used to shape the material qualities of objects so that they are better able to reflect our personal experiences and tell stories about our past.
  • Active Ingredient
    Interaction Designer.
    I worked with Active Ingredient in collaboration with Horizon and the MET Office on the concept design, prototyping and development of data driven installations for the projects A Conversation Between Trees and Timestreams.
  • Superflux
    Associate / Interaction Designer
    I continued to be involved in the development of various projects with Superflux, working primarily on concept development, product design, prototyping and hardware development.
    2010 – 2014
  • Superflux Design Intern.
    I worked with Superflux on a variety of projects from research into ecosystem degradation in India, to hardware hacking and prototyping physical interfaces.
    07.2010 – 10.2010
  • Microsoft Research CambridgeInteraction Design Consultant.
    After the PhotoBox project was chosen to be the subject of a long term field research study, I joined the Socio-Digital Systems team as a design consultant. During this time I lead the development of the prototypes and consulted on the system that would finally be deployed with our volunteers.
    Part of this time was also spent working on new projects within the Technology Heirlooms research theme.
    20.04.2009 – 17.06.2009.
  • EtreUser Experience Design Intern
    During this internship I wrote a report detailing practical and actionable interaction and user experience design recommendations for the eCommerce checkout process. Writing the report involved analysing user testing and eye tracking research conducted by Etre, existing best practices. I was also able to assist in user testing sessions.
    14.07.2008 -28.11.2008
  • Paul Cocksedge StudioIntern & Part Time
    I was part of the Light as Air project team, from the early stages through to the show installation. This involved the development and manufacture of limited edition lighting sculptures, and exhibition set up. I was also involved in the manufacture and development of various products and exhibitions, including Private View, an installation at the Milan Furniture Fair 2007, and a limited edition black styrene lamp shade for Materialism at Gallery Fumi for the 2008 London design Festival.
    2005 – 2008.


  • LAB : Sideshow Residency
    Surface Gallery, Nottingham
     27.11.2010 – 17.12.2010.
    LAB were invited take up residency at Surface Gallery for four weeks, transforming their Project Space into a temporary cultural laboratory. Inviting a number of Artists, Scientists and specialists from a variety of backgrounds as well as members of the public, to work in the Laboratory.
  • Anomalies:
    No. 1 The Piazza, Covent Garden.
    23 -30.09.2007
    Photographic Memories at the Goldsmiths MA Design – Critical Practice exhibition during the London Design Festival 2007, and in association with Casa Decor.

Invited Talks

Organised Workshops 


  • Connected Everyday Things. Industrial Design, TU Eindhoven.
    Coaching students, from 1st year Undergraduate to Masters, in their projects for the Connected Everyday Things squad.
  • Studio Course: Transactions
    3rd Year Product Design, Edinburgh college of Art. Semester 1, 2015.

Skills and Methods

  • Concept development / Creative Ideation
  • Storyboarding / scenario design
  • Drawing / sketching
  • 3D prototyping and fabrication (Tools: Solidworks / AutoCad / 3d printing / laser cutting / wood / plastic / metal work)
  • Hardware prototyping / electronics (Circuit design and making / hacking)
  • Physical Computing (Tools: Arduino / Processing / Electric Imp / Raspberry Pi)
  • Software programming (Processing / Java / Javascript / Android / php / C / C++)
  • Practice based research methods (User deployment / interview / analysis) Documentation (Photography / Video editing. Tools: Photoshop / Premier Pro / Final Cut pro)
  • Visual communication and Presentation ( Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Powerpoint / online documentation)
  • Design research methods including; Field Deployment, design provocations, Intervews, Diary Studies, Experience Prototyping, Workshops.

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